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The PHANTOMLEAF® PYTHON WEAPON COVER G1 is a tube of G1 fine mesh in WASP 2 pattern and is designed for you to shape and modify for concealing any long-arm, even when fitted with optics, bi-pods and acceories.   Approx. 147 cm long and with a total of 16 camo loops, you can quickly attach 3D PHANTOMLEAF® PYTHON LEAVES, Mil-Tec Ghillie Suit Threads or any other material to provide additional concelament and boundary distruption.


Follow the video link to see how to fit your rifle.



16 loops for attaching camouflage material.

Rounded cut edges to minimize drop shadows.

Excelent IR remission.

Dimensions147 x 48 cm.

Weight 145g.

Made in Germany.

Phantomleaf Python G1 Rifle Cover


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